icon-4At A&TA, we embrace the cloud and are proud to be a Xero Gold Partner. We’ve found that the cloud provides business owners time and money and enables them to track their numbers closer than ever before. It is also invaluable for helping individuals and families track and monitor their finances and help them reach their financial goals.

While we love Xero (and our clients do too) we also know it’s not always for everyone. That’s why we also support MYOB Live, Quickbooks and Saasu.

Part of the reason we love the cloud are the many add-ons you can use with Xero and other accounting cloud solutions. Addons we particularly like are Shoe-box (for keeping track of and uploading receipts), Workflow Max (for monitoring workflow, leads and invoices), Shopify (shopfront for websites) and more. We are also currently linking a client with Ingogo for live-testing of their on-the-go phone-based eftpos device and we are excited by the initial feedback.

For a demonstration or a quote for us to set up Xero and train you either in person or virtually simply contact us or if you love the idea of a cloud based solution but love even more the idea of handing the whole thing to someone else to do and to report to you how you’re going then contact us for a quote for our cost-effective monthly processing solutions.

That’s because  we also know business owners don’t go into business to do bookwork and yet that’s what many spend so much of their time doing. We also know business owners struggle with the numbers and don’t understand the importance of tracking critical numbers or don’t know how to react when they change.

The added benefit of us doing your book-work for you is that we know the information in your Xero file is going to be correct, once we’ve completed a full financial year, we guarantee that year’s tax return will be cheaper. Now that’s something worth getting excited about.

Interested? Simply get in touch below and we’ll get back to you with a quote.