Tools & Checklists

We’ve created Tax Checklists that you can use as you choose. If you’re coming in for an appointment you might just use them as a guide for what to bring, but if you’re emailing or posting your information to us, then we’d love you to at least fill in the front page of the Personal Checklist and then either use the rest as a guide or prompt for what to send us or fill it out.  Whichever you choose, our #accountanistas will contact you as we try to hunt down any extra deductions that we think you might be missing. Simply click on the name of the checklist you want to download.

Whether you’re a Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust – you can use this checklist for your Business Tax Return. This outlines the documents that are required for us to complete the business return. If you’d like us to prepare your business return and you’re not on the A&TA Way we’ll always contact you for a quote before we complete your tax return and then complete your work within 30 days. Guaranteed

Why not save the hassle of coming to see us by completing and emailing this electronic Checklist with your bits and pieces and we’ll complete your tax return within ten business days. Guaranteed. Either use it as a guide or complete at least the front page and email it to us with your bits and pieces.

Capital Gains
This checklist outlines the information we need if you have sold shares or property during the financial year.

Rental Property Checklist
This checklist outlines the information we need for your rental income and expenses.

Super Checklist Permanent Records
This checklist outlines the information we will need for your permanent records and we are required to supply to this to the SMSF auditors.

Super Checklist Annual Records
This checklist outlines the information we will need annually to complete your tax return.