icon-3We know many Australians are nervous about superannuation. That’s because you don’t understand the share market and you’re concerned the government keeps changing the rules.  Instead you might buy property in your own name and call this your own version of superannuation. Well that’s certainly one way of doing it but we believe there are other solutions you should be considering which could result in you having more money in the bank when you retire. And by more we mean potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s because by considering SMSFs (Self Managed Superannuation Funds) as part of your property purchasing strategy, you can potentially enjoy a capital gains tax free asset when you retire. Yes you read right. A property that when you sell it once you retire, is completely capital gains tax free. Now that’s a saving that’s hard to ignore!

Yes there are many things to be aware of and SMSFs are not for everyone but it can be a great part of your wealth creation strategy that you should at least be considering.  We should know, we’re experts in Self Managed Super.

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