Pricing Psychology Workshop

Pricing Psychology Workshop

If there’s one area in business that we see business owners struggle with it’s pricing.

How do you price? How do I know I’m pricing correctly? Could I charge more? Should I discount? Should I bundle? How do I show value?

Though a price is just a number, it can evoke a complex set of emotions – something now visible in brain scans. Depending on the context, the same price may be perceived as a bargain or a rip-off or it may not matter at all.

That’s why pricing is a science. There is psychology with pricing and if you’re in business you need to understand your customer thinks and feels and be able to price accordingly. In our workshop we’ll draw on some of the most important and innovative recent work in pricing psychology. In the mundane act of pricing we’ll show you how to grab hearts and minds through the mundane act of numbers. We’ll show you also how if you get pricing right, your business sales and profits can increase dramatically as a result.

Which is why this is the workshop for almost all business owners. If you’re new in business it’s about getting it right early but if you’ve been in business for a while you’ll discover how to tweak and change your model so you can increase your sales and profits. Sometimes exponentially.

Remember, pricing is not simply a price rise. It’s also not just picking somewhere in the middle. Don’t miss out on our Pricing Psychology workshop so you can figure out what prices really mean to your customers.


FREE to our A&TA Way clients but you MUST book to reserve your spot by emailing OR links to book for $99 are below

SYDNEY PEEPS: If you’re in Sydney it’s on Friday 7 April at 168 Kent Street Sydney 9:30-12:30

MOUNTAINS & PENRITH PEEPS: If you’re in the West it’s on Thursday 6 April at 37 Ross Street Glenbrook 9:30-12:30


In our Pricing Psychology workshops in April we’ll look at the psychology behind pricing and give you proven strategies, models and methods that you can go away and implement immediately in your business so don’t miss out!



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