icon-2Like any great accountant, we prepare your tax returns, we look for opportunities and seek out what you aren’t claiming that you should be. But at A&TA we go further than that.

Whether it’s making sure you’re purchasing investments in the best structures for asset protection & tax minimisation, working with you to help you take control of your personal finances, making sure you’re managing your Employee Share Scheme entitlements and tax obligations,  setting up & monitoring cloud based budgeting solutions, keeping you accountable for your goals or putting you in touch with our little black book of financial planners and property experts – we work hard to make sure your finances are working for you.

If you suspect you need more help – whether it’s managing your finances, minimising your tax, purchasing an investment property, asset protection, you’re looking into SMSF or if you’ve checked out one of our stylish & simple Money Packages (see below) then contact us to work out the next step.

Of course if you’re searching for a simple solution to complete your taxes by a team of experts who will hunt down any extra deduction you’re entitled to, then either click here for an appointment or download our tax checklists and email the information we need and we’ll deal with you virtually. We have a guaranteed turn-around time for any emailed or posted tax returns of ten business days but will always work to beat that timeframe.

From $99 per month
From $365 per month
From $750 per month
A plan, a budget & monthly monitoring with us looking over your shoulder & making suggestions
Quarterly catch-up meetings to plan, tweak and implement
Monthly catch-up meetings to plan, tweak and implement
We allocate your transactions for you so you don’t have to lift a finger Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote

Simple and Stylish Tip: Mel writes a fortnightly column for the Money Section in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and their affiliates. Her new illustrated book, Fabulous But Broke is a book on finances with a difference – all designed to challenge your money mindset.

So if you’re still hoping for a fairy godmother this book is for you. Melissa Browne Fabulous But Broke Book