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How to Become Business Fit

How to Become Business Fit

I love it when big businesses want to reach out and help small business owners so I was thrilled when Officeworks asked me to be the Ambassador for their Business Fit campaign.

My passion is helping business owners create transformational change in their businesses so for me – this move by officeworks is perfect. That’s because in the same way we want to create physical change and improve our wellness in our bodies we need to make the same moves in our businesses.

So what is Business Fit? Essentially it’s breaking down how to ‘work on your business’ into five easy steps that are all about your business numbers. These are:

1. The incoming number: how much money is coming in
2. The outgoing number: your operating expenses
3. The goal number: how much is needed to reach your goals and by when
4. The bite-sized number: breaking goals into monthly or fortnightly targets
5. The milestone numbers: the regular targets that determine if you’re on track.

What I know is if you concentrate on these five things you will improve your business. But like any fitness campaign – it’s always better when you’re consistent and disciplined so pop the time in your diary and stick to it! Of course, sometimes it’s also helpful to have a coach or an expert trainer to help guide you along which is where we step in. Whether it’s joining the A&TA Way, buying a coaching package or simply paying a one off fee to come and pick our brains to make sure you’re on track – we have the solution for you. Just email or phone 1300 692 228. Of course, for the product you need to support your business, make sure you head to Officeworks.

To check out the Business Fit video click here

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