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Fabulous but Broke is officially launched!

Fabulous but Broke is officially launched!

It was Mel’s second book so it took two book launches to do it justice! The first was held on a very cold and rainy night for friends, clients and family at The Bunker at Springwood and the second was held in the City for clients, suppliers and media at the Langham.

Both occasions were glamorous affairs (of course) and the second even rated a mention in the Sun Herald as ‘Party of the Week’ where Mel was described as “Carrie Bradshaw without the annoying narcissism.” Somewhat surprisingly for an accountant’s party, an Australian fashion designer, Carla Zampatti even contacted Mel and asked to dress her for the night. You can imagine how long she hesitated before saying yes.

The book is all about money messages that we carry with us and is another illustrated, full-coloured gorgeous business book that you will actually want to read. It’s theme is that there are no unicorns, magic wands, prince charmings or fairy godmothers coming to save you so you need to do it yourself. And the secret is, it’s not as hard as you think. It all starts with you deciding to understand how you think about money and then choosing to pick up the pen and write your own financial fairy tale.

To pick up your copy head to and make sure you like the facebook page to see more pictures and media from the night.

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