12 month Business Makeover Series

12 month Business Makeover Series

Do the numbers side of the business intimidate you?
Do you know you could be doing so much better with your business but aren’t sure where to start and don’t have the finances to pay for an expert to help you?
Do you want help from someone who has a proven track record not only with her own successful award-winning business but with helping hundreds of other businesses create successful, profitable businesses?
Do you want more money to buy the things you really want rather than just scraping together for what you need?

Then our 12 month Business Makeover Series is exactly what you need!

Melissa for many years ran a highly successful online 12 week Business Makeover Series and the feedback was amazing but that participants would like a version that was stretched out so they’d have time to do more. They also wanted more access to Mel but couldn’t yet afford the one-on-one coaching she offers.

Which is why we created our 12 month Business Makeover Series.

It has been designed to do exactly that. Makeover your business. Whether it’s a business idea, you’ve been in business for 12 months or 12 years, this is the course that will take you from scraping by to soaring!

Over the 12 months Mel and her team of experts will look at:

* standing out in a crowded market and the how-tos of marketing plans and budgets
* business models – what type of business do you want to run and how to ensure you get the message, pricing and systems right from the beginning to the end of your supply chain
* business plans and budgets – to how to simply craft where you want your business to go and then make it happen
* hiring and leadership – do you have the right people on the bus, are they in the right seats and do they know what to do
* innovation leverage and amplification – taking advantage of technology to increase your business
* systems and processes – the difference between you and a franchise
* cash flow – how this is the killer of many businesses and what you can to to improve it
* pricing – understanding the psychology of pricing
* capacity – how to know when to hire, when to machinate, when to automate and how to grow without added wage costs
* how to double your business
* and more

It’s 12 months that will change the course of your business. Want to know more?

The cost is $499 per month OR an up-front payment of $5,500. We’ll meet in Sydney each month from 9:30-2:30.

Our first intake starts August 2017 but spaces are limited. To find out more or simply book your spot, email

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